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XroadMedia and KILA Systems team up to deliver user behavior prediction, empowering service providers to catch and retain users

Press Release

Paris/Vienna – XroadMedia, specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and recommendation solutions, and KILA Systems, provider of the most advanced predictive analytics and Data Management Platform (DMP), today announced a partnership to bring a combined solution to the market that provides service providers with highly relevant information they need to transform their businesses for the fast moving media distribution environment.

In real time, service providers will be empowered to quickly understand their customers’ habits and to better predict future behavior of identified user groups and demographics. Providing personal recommendations instantly, up-selling new products and services, preventing user churn or targeting advertising and promotions – XroadMedia’s and KILA Systems’ new intelligent solution enables service providers to catch users’ attention immediately and to raise consumers’ satisfaction to new levels. Available today, the analytics suite by KILA Systems and XroadMedia’s content discovery solution provide real time recommendations based on analytical and predictive user data.

Ncanto, XroadMedia’s unique cloud-based content discovery solution, will be powering KILA Systems’ innovative data management platform to provide intelligent personalization capabilities to users and service providers alike. Consumers will be able to enjoy content delivered to them based on their viewing behavior, interests and social profiles. Service providers and content owners on the other hand can tailor their service offerings and monetization strategies on solid data collected by the new platform.

Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-Founder of XroadMedia, says: “Together with KILA Systems we deliver a new and innovative way to combine content discovery and recommendations with advanced user data management solutions. Thanks to our partnerships we can offer service providers essential tools to measure, predict and counter customer churn. Our joint solution also adjusts business rules in real-time to maximize KPIs for service providers and to further fine-tune their offerings according to consumer demands and market trends.”
Damien Tassel, VP Business Development at KILA Systems, adds: ”Many are talking about big data but only a few solutions are deployed today. Mainly because scarcely available deep data science skills combined with a proper understanding of the industry are required for such advanced solutions. With the association of KILA Systems and XroadMedia, the value of predictive data is now reality. Now we are able to fuel service providers’ businesses by quickly attracting users’ interests and keeping them more engaged with products and services.”

About Kila Systems:

Based in Paris, France, KILA Systems has been created by veterans of Digital TV and high-level mathematicians. Our innovative technology and long lasting know-how of Digital TV challenges allow us to provide innovative solutions for TV channels, digital TV and Over the Top (OTT) operators to create and deliver one-to-one engaging communication, personalized marketing campaigns and offers in real time that will lead to long-term customer loyalty and better profitability.

KILA Systems solution, 100% web-based, is an artificial intelligence learning machine, developed using strong Big Data open source technologies and patented prediction algorithms.

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