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Are your customers consuming the right content?

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Are your customers consuming the right content? Content they are really interested in and where you can make maximum profit?

For service providers of digital media content XroadMedia have developed Ncanto, a complete content discovery, personalization and recommendation solution. Ncanto helps to deliver the right content to the right audience and allows you to dynamically adjust the content delivery process based on and aligned with your business requirements. Thanks to the integration of Ncanto into the mpx Online Video Platform, taking advantage of advanced content discovery and recommendations is easier and simpler than ever before.

How Does It Work?

Ncanto is a unique and all-in-one content discovery back-end solution optimized for cloud- and server based deployments. In contrast to other solutions, Ncanto offers a complete set of content discovery functionalities through a single, standard-based interface. Regardless whether you only need a search engine, different types of recommendation algorithms or even advanced content discovery functionalities (e.g. based on your customer’s social graph), you only have to integrate with Ncanto once and have all required functionalities available to you, instantly. Furthermore, during the operation of the service Ncanto allows you to dynamically change functionalities, configuration parameters and business rules at any given time – through a simple management tool and without interrupting the service.

Key Functionalities of Ncanto

  • Dedicated “Sorcerer” module for easy and low-effort ingestion of metadata and to automatically analyze, verify and enhance the available data set
  • 100% real-time solution – no caching, immediate response to changes triggered by the user or service provider
  • Learns user preferences six times faster than comparable solutions
  • Complete set of content discovery functionalities:
  • Search – basic, advanced and personalized
  • Non-personal recommendations – e.g. based on content similarity, statistics, regions or 3rd-party input
  • Personal recommendations – based on watching behavior, user input and social graphs
  • Advanced features for targeting advertising and content from other online platforms (e.g. YouTube)
  • “Analytics” module to provide custom reports and analytical data on performance, accuracy, A/B comparisons, etc. of Ncanto
  • Designed for an easy and quick integration – short time to market thanks to a dedicated user interface for developers
  • Highly flexible architecture for easy customizations and to seamlessly blend your business goals into your users’ tastes and interests

Ncanto Benefits for Businesses

With Ncanto you will increase user satisfaction rates, strengthen your existing revenue streams and be able to generate additional income through new and future products and services. Products and services personalized by Ncanto have shown an increase of consumption times and highly positive feedback by the audience. For our customers this has resulted in higher buy-rates of on-demand content, additional advertising income, increased subscription figures and reduced churn. With the help of Ncanto our customers are also working on generating new revenue streams and sources of income. Highly personalized consumer services (e.g. personal TV channels), implementation of targeted advertising into existing products and services as well as cross-selling propositions, covering different offerings of our customers, are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless and XroadMedia and thePlatform are more than happy to assist you in your quest of creating a win-win solution for you and your users alike.

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