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The team are back in Las Vegas in April, book a time below to discuss how to utilize personalization to drive results for your KPIs.

 NAB, Las Vegas 16-19th April 2023


We would love to catch-up in person and talk about… 

Personalizing a dynamic UI
The most seamless continue-watching experience at NAB
Metadata Enrichment for OTT platforms
Personal Notifications at NAB


Powered by our scores, we subtly personalize every user’s homescreen to create bespoke experiences for all viewers.

The Smartest Continue-Watching

Seamless viewing with one-click access to any episode, no matter what the content type.

Metadata Enrichment

We enrich any format of metadata to help drive the most accurate personalization.

Personalized Notifications

Increase return visits without annoyance with 100% personalized notifications, emails and newsletters.

And more, including our Predictive Content Scores which you can learn about in the video below.

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Discover how we serve personalization to our clients


Setting you at the centre of your audience’s entertainment experience.

Streaming Services

Convert trial users driving subscriber growth and satisfaction.


Drive value from your on-demand and live content. Grow ad revenues and sign-ups.

Three and XroadMedia
Vodafone Iceland
A1 and XroadMedia

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