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Personalize your user experience

How to Maximize Personalization

Our recent blog on how to utilize personalization features for OTT platforms to reach KPIs. 


Marketing is Personal

Marketing is Personal

Learn about how our features give you the opportunity to personalize your communications with your users. 


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Project with Vodafone Iceland to deliver seamless and personalized viewing.

Partnership with Evergent to unite data-backed content intelligence with subscription management.

Partnership with NAGRA to provide powerful content discovery to engage end-users.

User Management is Personal

User Management is Personal

Find out how we help keep your users happy and reduce the likelihood of churn in our one-pager.

Business is Personal

Business is Personal

Discover how you can meet your business goals and KPIs with our personalization solution.

Hear from our CEO about the latest trends to look out for whilst at IBC

Blog - personalization is the future

Why Recommendations Are So Yesterday

Catch-up on our latest blog and understand why recommendations alone are no longer adequate for media companies. 

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