What to look out for at NAB 2023

Apr 13, 2023

XroadMedia at NAB 2023

NAB is celebrating its 100th edition of the event in Las Vegas this year. As always, the event will be the opportunity to see which industry trends are going to be continuing to take the world by storm or which will be short-lived. Since the beginning, NAB has been the reason for many innovations to take flight within the media and entertainment industry and this year will be no different.

Check out what we think will be the top 5 things to be on the lookout for whilst at the show:

1. Is AI Intelligent Enough?

AI has been hyped up for the past 6 months within almost all industries and with media and entertainment, it is no different, you can’t go five minutes without hearing about ChatGPT, Bard or another new innovative use of AI. It’s becoming so widespread and we are starting to see applications within many areas of our industry. One thing which will be highlighted at the NAB show will be the use of AI for search and the use of natural language, especially within voice search. Additionally, we foresee some announcements centering around the use of AI to enrich metadata and fingerprint content.

2. The Gamification Shift

Not only are streaming services moving to different business models, such as ad tiers, but we are seeing a trend right now that is seeing them enter a whole new vertical. Games. Netflix recently announced releasing new games every month for their subscribers. It will be interesting to see how providers are navigating this changing landscape and how content should be presented and tiered to their users. Obviously, at XroadMedia, we will be keen to see how much personalization has been thought about.

3. Loyalty is the Door, Intelligence is the Key

The fight for viewers’ attention has never been more difficult, as we start to get used to a cookieless world, it’s going to get even harder for some providers to give the best service to keep their users returning. Analytics can help deliver unique experiences to help maintain a competitive edge. Access to user behavior and content consumption insights drives higher engagement to help reduce churn and help make decisions around upsells or even content strategy.

4. FASTer Personalization

FAST grew by almost 20 times between 2019-2022 and ad revenue is expected to reach $41 billion in 2023 in the US. New services are always launching and established services are pivoting towards the FAST model. There will be lots of chatter about how to keep the laid-back viewers, who have adopted these services as a way to help reduce their costs. Additionally, we will see more premium content enter this space, as we have seen with Samsung launching exclusive series and premiers with their TV Plus. We predict lots of discussion around acquiring content, personalization and targeted advertising for FAST services and how services can make the most of this opportunity.

5. XroadMedia will be there

Our team will be attending and is looking forward to meeting with clients, partners and peers within the industry. Meet with our personalization experts to discuss how we drive results for media companies to increase user engagement and build audiences.

Learn more about some of our features:
Predictive Content Scores – Our solution gives every asset in your catalog a unique score for every user, which can be utilized to deliver personalized experiences to all your audience

Personalized Notifications – Don’t annoy your users, only promote the content that they truly care about to bring them back to your platform time after time.

Dynamic UI – Powered by our scores, we subtly personalize every user’s homescreen to create bespoke experiences for all viewers.

Smart Continue-Watching – Seamless viewing with one-click access to the most relevant episode, no matter what the content type.

Personalized Channels – Reduce the burden of choice for viewers by providing personal channels for every single user, based on their viewing behavior, likes and interests. These can be a mix of live or on-demand or could be packed up for FAST channels.

Discover more about how we serve over 200 million users with the likes of Vodafone, A1 Telekom Austria Group and Starhub.

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