Real-Time Personalization for Media Companies

Connecting your business priorities to your audience.

AI-Powered, Real-Time Personalization for Media Companies

Connecting your business priorities to your audience.

Proud to work with global clients including:

A1 Telekom Group

“Based on our concept, XroadMedia delivered a customized trial followed by a production grade system in record time. Cooperation and time-to-market at its best.”

Head of Digital Transformation

“Our partnership with XroadMedia has helped tremendously with user uptake and engagement in relevant content for our customers.”

Head of Media Business Transformation

We serve more than 200 million users for Operators, Streaming Services and Broadcasters worldwide!

Through more than 50 deployments, we drive personalization that matters for media clients globally.

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Keep your service at the centre of your audience's entertainment world. We provide the tools to drive search and discovery across multiple catalogs, apps and content to make sure your service is where your audience finds what they want to watch.

Multi-Catalog Search and Aggregation
Intelligent Audience Segmentation
Sports and Fan Experience
Multi-Platform Integration
nPVR Recording Suggestions

Streaming Services

Drive new sign-ups and convert trial users by personalizing your content to each user. We’ll help you drive hours and titles watched to make sure your audience is engaged and coming back for more.

Convert Trial Users
Local Content, Global Reach
Dynamic, Personal UI Customization
Personalized FAST Channels
Notification Decision Engine


Drive relevant content directly to your audience. Combine your live and VOD offerings to grow ad revenues through your streaming apps.

Editorial Personalization
Notification Decision Engine
World-Class Recommendations
Full Control
Personal FAST Channels

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