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  • THREE (HUTCHISON DREI AUSTRIA GMBH) - Werner Öllinger, Head of IT Consumer Products

    “Based on our concept, XroadMedia delivered a customized trial followed by a production grade system in record time. Cooperation and time-to-market at its best.”

    FUNKE DIGITAL TV GUIDE GMBH - Stephan Zech, Managing Director

    "Having partnered with XroadMedia since its inception, we have rolled out the Ncanto solution in our own and customer products with stellar results.”

    NAGRA - Colin Zhao, VP Product Management

    “We believe XroadMedia have a best in class recommendations engine. We’re naturally impressed with their product line but also their commitment and diligence to work with us on joint roadmap development as we’re connecting people to the content they love.”

    ZAPPWARE - Laurent van Tornhout, VP Product & Marketing

    "XroadMedia's solution and business models allow us to deliver advanced functionality and personalization in an easy and cost-effective way.”

    ZEE5 - Rajneel Kumar, Head of Products

    "We tested XroadMedia's solution and we found adoption and click-through-rates on recommendations were significantly higher along with a substantial increase in average time spent by a user.”

    A1 TELEKOM AUSTRIA GROUP - Alexander Kuchar, Director Group Technology

    "Personalized and bespoke recommendations are now the primary way for our users to consume linear, VOD and 3rd-party content. This approach directly leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate, increased viewing time and improved uptake rates of purchased VOD assets.”


    We help our customers to better connect with theirs - while boosting profits, generating new revenues streams and ensuring customer loyalty.

    Overview of XroadMedia's content discovery and recommendations solution.


    XroadMedia offers a cloud- and server-based content discovery and recommendations back-end solution for the personalization of any digital media service.


    Once connected to our customers' media platform, we collect relevant data about our customers' assets, users and business requirements (grey/blue arrows) and in return we deliver metadata enrichment, personalization and data analytics services to our customers (green arrows).


    Through a single, standards-based API, Ncanto delivers our advanced services to our customers' media platforms in real-time. Ncanto can be delivered as a cloud service, as SW for local, on-site installations or as a combination of both.


    Also as part of our solution, Yaveo visualizes, in real-time, business intelligence data about our customers' audiences and consumer services, while Piloto allows our customers to easily and dynamically adjust any configurational and business parameters for the entire XroadMedia solution.


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    Our founding team is working in the areas of content discovery and recommendations for more than 20 years!

    Adolf Proidl

    Chief Executive Officer

    Responsible for our company vision, corporate structure and product innovation, Adolf has 20 years of experience in R&D, strategy, innovation and corporate development.

    Tom Dvorak

    Chief Commercial Officer

    With 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development, Tom is responsible for all our marketing, sales and financial activities.

    Andras Kalmar

    Chief Technology Officer

    Heading up our R&D and product development activities, Andras has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, product & project management and technical sales.

    Paul Schenk

    Chief Operating Officer

    Paul has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, innovation and project management and is responsible for customer care, quality of service and our own infrastructure.

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