Setting you at the centre of your audience's entertainment experience.

Your service is typically the go-to service for entertaining households and families. What started with a limited number of live-TV channels is now a melting pot of content from multiple sources and different content providers. From blockbuster movies to popular series and sports events from around the world – you have to have it all and in one single service.

With all this content available and delivered to multiple devices, your priority is to keep users engaged and happy. This is not an easy task as different people have different interests.

This is why we focus on helping users to extract the best value possible from your service and therefore reduce churn and enable super aggregation of content. With our help there is no such thing as “too much content” as we can make sure that users always find content they are interested in and want to watch. At the same time, we make sure that your business goals also contribute to the decisions on which content to present to your users and where.

Multi-Catalog Search and Aggregation

Bring together content seamlessly from multiple sources, apps and libraries to keep your app at the centre of your audience’s entertainment universe.


Multi-Platform Regionalization for A1

A service across 6 countries, multiple platforms, different languages and character sets? No problem!

We drive effective personalization across all apps and regions seamlessly. Our solution can deal with multiple catalogs in different languages and identifies the right language for the user automatically. This saves you a lot of pain and effort when implementing our solution into multiple platforms and services.

Multiple Platforms

Sports and Fan Experience

Use live scores, league tables and player data to drive your audience to the content that really matters. Showcase your high-value sports content like never before.


Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Personalize content by location, language or any other business data. Give users a truly relevant experience across all of their devices.


Multi-Platform and Device Integration

Drive consistent recommendations and features across all of your devices. We can integrate to your set-top-boxes, mobile devices, OTT apps and more to harmonize your user experience.


Bespoke Recommendations and Personalization

Full-Page Personalization

We can personalize sections or entire pages of your service with a single API call. This means your service is always aligned with your business priorities and the moods and interests of your users.

For our customers, personalized pages drive user engagement and consumption rates while at the same time reducing churn. Happy users are loyal consumers!

nPVR Recording Suggestions

Create an on-demand library for your audience that captures all of the content from your multi-channel universe. Our engine can automatically create recording suggestions that will allow your users to have one-click access to the content of their choice regardless of the source.


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