Our range of tools and services are all available to drive results for your business.

Convert Trial Users

We offer the fastest personalization in the industry. User interests are identified instantly, which allows you to provide accurate personalization to users even in the shortest of trial periods.

Multi-Catalog Search and Aggregation

We can integrate multiple catalogs to easily allow your audience to search across apps, find what they are looking for and keep you at the centre of their universe.

Local Content, Global Reach

We can automatically serve regional content with different catalogs, languages and even character sets without development. Give your users a local, personal experience and scale easily across global markets.

Personalized Notifications

Drive your audience back to your service when you have new content they want without annoying them with unwanted messages.

Personal FAST Channels

Remove the barrier of choice by offering your users 100% personal "live" channels. We can auto-create multiple personal channels to cover different moods and interests. The perfect way to add inventory to your Free, Ad-Supported, Streaming Television channels.

Dynamic, Personal UI Customization

We automatically create, title and organize rows of content for each of your users. Give your audience a 100% personalized feel to drive results and keep them coming back.


Personalize content by location, language or any other business data. Give users a truly relevant experience across all of their devices.

Full Control with A/B testing

Let your product team test and build new product features based on our algorithms without requiring developers. A/B test and measure results to make sure you are driving results.

Sports and Fan Experience

Use live scores, league tables and player data to drive your audience to the content that really matters. Showcase your high-value sports content like never before.

Metadata Alignment and Enrichment

We take content from as many sources as you have, align them all and add additional data to make sure all of your assets are searchable and recommended for your audience.

Targeted Advertising

With our deep knowledge of your audience's interests, we can provide you with a list of themes and topics to help advertisers reach your audience and display campaigns which resonate with each of your users.

SponsorED Personal Favourites

Sell your advertisers the ability to only be associated with experiences your users enjoy. Our scoring lets you sell sponsorship packages to run alongside content that users are truly excited about.

Multi-Platform and Device Integration

Drive consistent recommendations and features across all of your devices. We can integrate into your set-top-boxes, mobile devices, OTT apps and more to harmonize your user experience.


We can quickly and accurately build user profiles – perfect to show maximum value for users in crucial trial phases.


‘Search’, ‘Similar Content’, ‘Most Popular’, ‘For You’ and many more … we can serve all relevant use cases for video services out of the box, with no customization required and for content coming from multiple sources.

Full-Page Personalization

We can personalize sections or entire pages of your service with a single API call. This means your service is always aligned with your business priorities and the moods and interests of your users.


Setting you at the centre of your audience’s entertainment experience.

Streaming Services

Convert trial users driving subscriber growth and satisfaction.


Drive value from your on-demand and live content. Grow ad revenues and sign-ups.

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