Going Beyond

the UI


Is only having personalization within
your app enough? Discover how to
increase your OTT engagement. 

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Stand out from the competition
Stand out from the competition

All the user interfaces are the same across different providers. The way you can stand out is building the whole experience with the user and the centre.

Every Viewer Touchpoint
Every Touchpoint


Personalization is central to user experience, but it should go further than recommendations within rows of a homescreen.  

Keep users engaged
Keep Users Engaged

With the increase in services, user experience is one of the most important factors after content for attracting and keeping viewers returning.

More than a homepage

Personalization goes further than rows and titles.

Targeted Advertisement

Targeted Ads

Personalized Notifications for Media Platforms

Personalized Notification

Personalized Upsell Offers

Upsell Offers

Targeted Ads

Personalized Notifications

Upsell Offers

Personalized Email

Personalized Emails

Personalized Retention Offers

Retention Offers

Personalized Search Features

Advanced Search

Personalized Emails

Retention Offers

Advanced Search

Personalize every viewer tochpoint beyond the UI

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