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Discover how we personalize every viewer touchpoint and have user experiences go beyond the UI to keep your customers engaged.

Drive visits and other KPIs by personalizing every touchpoiny

Increase in time spent in app, return visits, playback and other KPIs with personalization.

Personalize Every Touchpoint

Create meaningful touchpoints with your users, helping build trust and loyalty.

Personalize every touchpoint

Easy implemented personalization solutions that can reach audiences in different regions and different
character sets.

Trusted by media companies around the globe, delivering personalization to over 200 million users.

Vodafone and XroadMedia
Axel-Springer and Personlization
A1 and XroadMedia

Personalization Going Further

Enhance your service and drive visits with effective recommendations and
content discovery. 

Personal Scores

Every asset in your catalog gets a scoring for every individual based on their likes, hobbies, social profile, location and more.

Full-Page Personalization

With one single API, endless possibilities for relevant content suggestions.

Personalized Notifications

Notify your users only for the best content for them.

Personalized Emails and Newsletters

Increase engagement of your campaigns by using your users favorite content within your emails and newsletters

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Personalize content by location, language, or any other business data.

Advanced Search

Power your audience searches, so they can find what they want quicker.

Content-Aware Continue Watching

Always have the right episode ready, no matter the type of content.

FAST Channels

We can auto-create multiple personal channels to cover different moods and interests.

Trial Conversion

User interests are identified instantly, which allows for accurate personalization to users even in the shortest of trial periods.

“The flexibility of their system was our main reason for choosing XroadMedia and that turned out to be a smart choice. We were able to quickly configure our recommendations to fit with our sometimes-complex business needs.”



Setting you at the centre of your audience’s entertainment experience.

Streaming Services

Convert trial users driving subscriber growth and satisfaction.


Drive value from your on-demand and live content. Grow ad revenues and sign-ups.

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