XroadMedia to personalise Mirada’s Iris TV Everywhere solution

Mirada and XroadMedia

MADRID, VIENNA– Mirada, a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters, announces its partnership with XroadMedia, a specialist provider of innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and recommendation services.

Mirada’s Iris TV Everywhere solution includes Iris client apps for the set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and PCs. All of them work seamlessly through Inspire, a state-of-the art user interface with a strong focus on promoting the operators’ rich content library. Inspire offers a new and innovative approach to content discovery, with features such as personalised virtual channels, highlights magazine, remote recordings and a smart search engine.

XroadMedia’s product Ncanto is a cloud- or server-based content discovery and recommendation back-end solution that helps to deliver the right content to the right audience, based on their watching behaviour, interests and social graphs.

Thanks to this partnership Ncanto is seamlessly integrated with Mirada’s end-to-end solution Iris through Mirada’s backend product, Iris Service Delivery Platform, and easily deployable on any operator’s platform.

The newly created combination of XroadMedia’s Ncanto and Mirada’s Iris TV Everywhere solution in an attractive end-to-end solution to deliver content of interest to users in an intuitive and user friendly way. At the same time the joint solution allows the operator to efficiently promote content based on their business requirements and aligned with their business goals.

Mirada and XroadMedia are already working on the first customer project, which will see the Iris TV Everywhere solution personalised by Ncanto deployed later this year.

“We are extremely proud that Mirada has selected Ncanto to personalize their Iris TV Everywhere solution. Together we help operators to offer new and innovative services that result in higher user engagement and satisfaction rates, but also allow them to monetize their assets and content libraries more effectively.” said Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-Founder of XroadMedia.

“We’re delighted to partner with XroadMedia. Thanks to the integration with Ncanto, we will be able to offer our customers an even better content discovery experience and personalized recommendations across live, on-demand, recorded and online content.” said Jose Luis Vazquez, group CEO at Mirada.

About Mirada

Mirada is UK leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters with offices across Europe and Latin America. With over 15 years of experience, Mirada focuses on the future of Digital TV – multiscreen cross-platform navigation – anytime, anywhere. They offer a complete suite of end-to-end modular products for Set-top boxes, laptops, smartphones and tablets, all with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

Mirada currently develops major Digital TV software projects for some of the biggest TV Operators and Broadcasters around the world, with their solutions already launched in almost 20 platforms in such countries as Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UK, Peru, United Arab Emirates and more.

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