Síminn is getting personal with XroadMedia

XroadMedia provides Siminn with personalization

Reykjavik, Vienna – XroadMedia, specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and recommendation solutions, and the telecom company Síminn have teamed up to provide a personal and rewarding TV experience to consumers in Iceland. As a result of this partnership, Síminn has implemented XroadMedia’s advanced content discovery and recommendations solution, Ncanto, into their current IPTV offering. It allows users to easily find and consume content relevant to them.

When offering SVOD services with over 7.000 hours on demand, it is paramount to give our customers effortless guidance in choosing the content best suitable to them. XroadMedia help us in offering a simple and intuitive platform to our customers,” says Eric Figueras, CTO of Síminn.

Síminn has a broad portfolio of communication services and was the first to offer IPTV services in Iceland back in 2004 and in recent years SVOD services and Time Shifting have been added to the menu. The company offers content from Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, CBS and NBC and also produces its own programs.

With the help of Ncanto, users of the new Síminn products and services will be able to enjoy content that is highly relevant to their tastes, interests, viewing behavior and social graphs – wherever they are and whenever they want. Furthermore, with the help of XroadMedia’ s analytics services, Síminn will be able to better understand how their content and content sources are performing with their audience. This, together with the advanced management tools of Ncanto, allows Síminn to better align and fine-tune their business goals with the needs and requirements of their users.

Síminn plans to upgrade its current IPTV platform this fall and keep on enriching the content offering. Adding a recommendation system to our platform is only logical. Selecting the right partner was challenging, but we believe XroadMedia is a perfect fit for Síminn. The first phase of the cooperation already gives us great hope that Ncanto will meet our customers’ needs and ease their lives,” says Eric.

Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-Founder of XroadMedia:Síminn’s approach for their new user experience is both, innovative and forward looking. We immediately discovered Síminn’s desire to build something new and exciting for their users, when using their services,” Adolf says.Based on their ideas we were quick to integrate Ncanto into the products and services of Síminn to launch the first phase of the project. This gave Síminn the confidence in how easy it was to integrate, use and operate our solution and to further personalize their new products and services with the help of Ncanto. But this was just the first step and we are excited about the future of our partnership with Síminn.

Síminn and XroadMedia have delivered the first phase of new products and services this summer and are currently working on delivering more personalization and content discovery functionalities in the 4th quarter 2017 and beyond, according to the service roadmap defined by Síminn.

Síminn is regarded as one of Iceland’s most reliable companies, affecting the daily lives of all inhabitants for well over a century. Offerings include a wide portfolio of communication services, for both private and corporate clients, including mobile, home phones, Internet connections and television, runs its own TV channel and streaming services.

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