The Key Pillars of Streaming Success

Flood of content and services can difficult for users to navigate. Discover the four factors that your service needs to have to strive. 

Drowning in Content - the four pillars of success

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Variety: pillars of streaming success


Show you have everything

Big or small, it’s important to show your users that you have a wide range of content with quick personalization based on the viewer’s actions.

Immediacy for Streamers


Users can find something to watch now

Guaranteed easy watching with one-click access
to the next episodes, recommendations
based on time, device and more.

Reliability for streaming success


Build a brand that users can trust

A clear strong brand with an editorial voice, combined with a wide range of personalized

Reliability for streaming success


There will always be something for your users to watch

Using a combination of hyper-personalization,
trends and collaborative personalization so users can always find something to watch
they will enjoy.

Trusted by media companies around the globe, delivering personalization to over 200 million users.

Vodafone and XroadMedia
Axel-Springer and Personlization
A1 and XroadMedia

In today’s crowded market, consumers are not only overwhelmed by amount of services but the content within the services they choose.

With the four pillars; variety, immediacy, affinity and reliability users will always find the content they want and your service will become the long-term destination for all of their viewing.

“The flexibility of their system was our main reason for choosing XroadMedia and that turned out to be a smart choice. We were able to quickly configure our recommendations to fit with our sometimes-complex business needs.”



Setting you at the centre of your audience’s entertainment experience.

Streaming Services

Convert trial users driving subscriber growth and satisfaction.


Drive value from your on-demand and live content. Grow ad revenues and sign-ups.

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