True Digital to Enhance OTT Platform User Experience with XroadMedia

True Digital Group chooses XroadMedia

Bangkok / Vienna – 15th September 2023 – True Digital Group Co Ltd., part of True Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand’s premier fully-integrated telecommunications and digital service provider, is pleased to announce its latest collaboration with XroadMedia. This initiative leverages XroadMedia’s cutting-edge content discovery and personalization solution to enhance the privacy-conscious viewing experience for TrueID TV, their video service.

True Digital Group wanted to enhance the recommendations across their platform to help improve the viewership from tailored recommendations for their over 6 million users. Before the project went live, True Digital Group undertook a full trial that XroadMedia offers. This allowed the team to see the impact of the customization features on their platform. Throughout the trial, various of XroadMedia’s use cases were tested on their homepage and on-demand pages, which saw an increase in time spent by more than 25%, as subtly personalizing rows such as ‘Recommended for VOD’, ‘Movies for You’ and ‘All Anime Hits’ by moving items within the rows or where the row is located. Creating new rows and dynamically changing the UI based on viewers’ interactions facilitated overall user engagement across the service.

After full implementation, the extensive level of customization will be accessible throughout the entire platform, spanning Live-TV, AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. All users will have the opportunity to enjoy a distinctive user interface and individually tailored recommendations. True Digital Group will retain complete editorial control, allowing editorial teams to shape the content displayed to users. This approach is complemented by pertinent suggestions derived from user profiles and behaviors, providing the best of both worlds while ensuring compliance with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and upholding users’ privacy rights as a top priority.

“Our partnership with XroadMedia has taken our OTT STB platform, TrueID TV, to the next level regarding the user experience. Leveraging XroadMedia’s platform and services, we have been able to go all-in on a fully customized experience for each of our millions of customers. With a content catalog of thousands of movies, series, and clips, XroadMedia has enabled us to cater each user’s experience specifically to their tastes, with all managed through XroadMedia’s easy-to-use platform.”

“At True Digital Group (TDG), our mission is to provide Thailand’s premier content entertainment experience. Through our collaboration with XroadMedia, we have achieved significant advancements in pursuing this mission. These enhancements have resulted in a more enriched content exploration and viewing experience for our valued customers. Moreover, we’ve witnessed notable achievements in key performance areas, including heightened user engagement and a growing subscriber base, while maintaining a strong commitment to safeguarding user privacy.” says Matthew Blumberg, Head of Product Management, True Digital Group.

Adolf Proidl, CEO and Co-founder of XroadMedia, comments, “We’re ecstatic to be working with True Digital Group and being able to offer them the flexibility they need to serve different types of customers and services, including live-TV, all on-demand business models and different consumption devices. We are looking forward to expanding the project even further, to other areas within their platform and to other services – so they can get the most out of their XroadMedia integration while safeguarding user data and privacy.”

With the success of the trial, the next stage of the project will be rolling out personalization features across all of TrueID TV business models, including live TV and sports throughout this year.

About True Digital
True Digital Group, a multinational technology company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, serves as the digital division of True Group, a fully-integrated telecommunications and digital service provider in Thailand. Committed to being a digital transformation enabler and unleashing the possibilities for individuals and organizations throughout Southeast Asia, True Digital Group continually expands its network to provide customers with a diverse range of high-quality digital services. True Digital Group encompasses various key ventures, including Digital Media, Digital SMB, Data Analytics, IoT, Digital Solutions, Digital Health, Cybersecurity, True Digital Academy, and True Digital Park. The company has developed extensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics. This proficiency enables True Digital Group to establish a distinctive ecosystem of digital platforms and solutions, all while emphasizing user privacy and security. Additionally, True Digital Group has extended its regional operations across Southeast Asia.

About XroadMedia
With more than 20 years of industry experience, XroadMedia has developed Ncanto, the latest generation of content discovery, personalization and targeting solutions. XroadMedia helps media companies improve their KPIs using personalization, increasing user engagement, reducing subscriber churn and generating new revenues. Ncanto is an innovative AI back-end solution optimized for low-effort and fast cloud and server-based deployments. Ncanto serves more than 200 million users for operators, streaming services, and broadcasters worldwide, including companies like A1 Telekom Austria Group, Axel Springer, Starhub, Telekom Slovenije and others. Visit for more information.

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