AI-Driven Personalization

Boost the growth of your OTT platform by delivering personalization in
real-time to all of your users no matter where they are located or
on which device.

Real-time personalization for Telekom Slovenjie
Increase user enagagement with real-time personalization

Drive your increase in time spent in app, return visits, playback per row and other KPIs with personalization.

Personalization for Users

Decrease the likelihood of churn as our knowledge of your viewers can help identify content gaps and purchases to grow and retain your user base.

Real-time personalization everywhere

Easy implemented personalization solutions that can reach audiences in different regions and different
character sets.

Trusted by media companies around the globe, delivering personalization to over 200 million users.

Starhub and XroadMedia
Axel-Springer and Personlization
NLZIET and Personalization

Personalization Done Right

Our single API gives the opportunity for your users to get more out of your service. 

Multi-Catalog Search and Aggregation

Bring together content seamlessly from multiple sources, apps and libraries.

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Personalize content by location, language, or any other business data.

Advanced Search

Power your audience searches, so they can find what they want quicker.

Full-Page Personalization

With one single API, endless possibilities for relevant content suggestions.

Personalized Notifications

Notify your users only for the best content for them.

Personal Scores

Every asset in your catalog gets a scoring for every individual based on their likes, hobbies, social profile, location and more.

Content-Aware Continue Watching

Always have the right episode ready, no matter the type of content.

FAST Channels

We can auto-create multiple personal channels to cover different moods and interests.

Sponsored Personal Favourites

Sell your advertisers the ability only to be associated with experiences your
users enjoy.

“By integrating XroadMedia’s cloud based Ncanto solution, we are now able to offer a real-time, scalable, fully automated and comprehensive multi-content platform, which ensures a seamless customer experience across all devices”

A1 Telekom Austria Group


Setting you at the centre of your audience’s entertainment experience.

Streaming Services

Convert trial users driving subscriber growth and satisfaction.


Drive value from your on-demand and live content. Grow ad revenues and sign-ups.

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