AMPLIA – enabling the super aggregator

Apr 29, 2020

Amplia is the super aggregator with XroadMedia

Amplia Communications have launched their new personalised TV service to households in the Caribbean.

b mobile is the first commercial client for the Amplia multi-tenant platform. The mobile service provider has great ambitions to establish itself as a super-aggregator of TV services as part of its multiplay bundle, with an addressable market of 800,000 mobile customers in Trinidad & Tobago.

Amplia is delighted to be the first to bring this state-of-the-art TV technology to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and we look forward to marketing the solution to other operators in the Caribbean. – Lisa Agard, General Manager, Amplia Communications

The multi-network and multi-tenant solution is based on Zappware’s AndroidTV environment, XroadMedia’s content discovery and recommendations solution, Ncanto, and the latest high-end AndroidTV box from Askey.

For more information about this project please read and download the case study on the website of our partner Zappware:

Read the Case Study

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