Evergent Launches Strategic Partnership with XroadMedia to Unite Data-Backed Content Intelligence with Subscription Management

XroadMedia and Evergent Partner to deliver content intelligence to subscription management

Companies plan joint development of new solutions for personalization in CRM applications

Sunnyvale, CA / Vienna, Austria – September 8, 2022 – Evergent, the customer management and monetization leader for streaming and digital subscription businesses, today announced a new partnership with XroadMedia, leading specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and personalization solutions. Through the partnership, XroadMedia will provide content intelligence and anonymized viewer profiles to better inform Evergent’s flexible monetization solution. The two companies will develop joint solutions to deliver enhanced results for customer relationship management (CRM) and monetization.

XroadMedia provides personalization services to broadcasters, service providers and operators worldwide, resulting in improved advertising and user experiences in video services. Using anonymized and aggregated user and household data, XroadMedia builds accurate profiles to deliver content discovery and other key personalization services. These insights enable XroadMedia clients to increase user engagement and reduce churn.

When integrated with Evergent’s subscription management platform, XroadMedia’s content intelligence will make it possible for Evergent customers to improve retention and upsell opportunities depending on where the user is in the customer lifecycle as well as the customer’s unique profile. By combining content data with Evergent’s existing household and user information, media and entertainment providers can improve the customer experience and drive more value from each individual relationship.

“Today’s customers expect more from their entertainment and telecommunications providers, particularly when looking for new content,” said Vijay Sajja, founder and CEO of Evergent. “XroadMedia’s content intelligence resources make it possible for media companies to serve each customer what they want, when they want it. By combining this technology with Evergent’s leading subscription management tools, we can ensure that every client maintains the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction and retention.”

“There has never been a more competitive environment for media and advertising, and small technology advantages can make the difference between success or failure,” said Adolf Proidl, co-founder and CEO of XroadMedia. “Evergent and XroadMedia each provide their customers with an edge when trying to boost retention and customer lifetime value. When combined, these solutions make it possible for media providers to truly optimize their customer experience and outperform the competition.”

About Evergent

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Evergent delivers customer relationship management tools for global digital media, entertainment and telecommunications providers. With customers in 175 countries ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Evergent creates flexible, user-friendly solutions that enable each customer to streamline their CRM processes and maximize monetization efforts. For more information, visit www.evergent.com.

About XroadMedia

With more than 20 years of industry experience, XroadMedia has developed Ncanto, the latest generation of content discovery, personalization and targeting solutions. XroadMedia helps media companies improve their KPIs using personalization, increasing user engagement, reducing subscriber churn and generating new revenues. Ncanto is an innovative AI back-end solution optimized for low-effort and fast cloud and server-based deployments. Ncanto serves more than 200 million users for operators, streaming services, and broadcasters worldwide, including companies like A1 Telekom Austria Group, Axel Springer, Starhub, Telekom Slovenije and others. Visit xroadmedia.com for more information.

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