Everything is Personal for XroadMedia

Everything is Personal

Vienna, 27th September 2022 – As the leading AI personalization specialists for media companies, XroadMedia has always offered bespoke personalization to their customers. However, now it is front and center in the form of their new tagline, which is a better representation of the breadth and depth of XroadMedia’s personalization solution. In today’s industry, recommendations alone are no longer enough to help sustain business goals and reach vital KPIs. Content and service providers need to make sure that their user experience is unique to encourage their viewers to keep returning to their service.

‘Everything is Personal’ represents many different aspects of XroadMedia, from the core values of the business to the use cases and features they offer to their clients across the world. Since XroadMedia was founded, they have prided themselves on their customer relationships and how every trial, every meeting with XroadMedia is personal.

“For years, our customers have relied on us to increase their business KPIs with personalization. We believe you need to go beyond recommendations to be able to achieve impressive and sustainable results. This is exactly what we wanted to ensure is imitated in our new tagline, ‘Everything is Personal’. It better reflects what our cloud-based solution does for media companies and the wide spectrum of use cases we can cover with a single solution. As a result, our solution helps our customers increase KPIs and reduce implementation and operational costs when comparing it to classic recommendation engines” says Tom Dvorak, CCO and Co-founder, XroadMedia.

The theme of personalization extends to how XroadMedia is helping media companies from search, content suggestions to advertising and more. Innovative personalization and content discovery are central to what XroadMedia offers, which gives the opportunity for media companies to drive their growth through increasing their user engagement, revenues and more. Discover more here.

About XroadMedia
XroadMedia was founded in 2012 by leading industry experts in the areas of content discovery, navigation and targeted advertising. With 20 years of industry experience, Ncanto was developed, which is the latest generation of content discovery, personalization and targeting solutions. XroadMedia helps customers improve their KPIs using personalization, increasing user engagement, reducing subscriber churn and generating new revenues. Ncanto is an innovative AI back-end solution optimized for cloud and server-based deployment, which serves more than 200 million users for operators, streaming services and broadcasters worldwide, including A1 Telekom Austria Group, Claro, Starhub and Three.

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