Regiogroei chooses XroadMedia to deliver advanced and scalable personalization to regional broadcasters in The Netherlands

Regiogreoei and XroadMedia

Hilversum/Vienna, 22nd May 2023 – Regiogroei, the digital partnership of 10 Dutch regional media broadcasters, today announces their project with XroadMedia, the specialists in building innovative and ground-breaking content discovery and personalization solutions.

Regiogroei were looking to replace their existing recommendation solution with a more innovative and advanced alternative that would be able to scale. XroadMedia’s pioneering solution will give the group broader possibilities to offer unique experiences to their end-users, across different content types; news articles, channels and online videos. Despite these having complex metadata formats, XroadMedia is able to make the delivery process easy for the broadcasters and to make the user experience intuitive. XroadMedia’s personalization solution is API-based, allowing flexibility and ease of integration for all broadcasters involved.

Utilizing XroadMedia’s more profound understanding of users’ profiles with first-party data allows for recommendations to go further in real time than similarity for content suggestions. Hyper-localization will allow a more personalized experience for relevant content specific to their area, as well as being able to recommend content despite different languages. Since there are various broadcasters involved in this project with different business rules, the integration needs to be flexible and able to adjust to their specific business rules. With Ncanto, XroadMedia’s personalization solution, this will be possible and can be A/B tested at any point so that Regiogroei can offer the best end-user experience for all brands.

Regiogroei accommodates digital distribution as well as web and app developments for 10 different broadcasters: RTV Noord, RTV Drenthe, Omrop Fryslân, RTV Oost, Omroep Gelderland, L1, Omroep Zeeland, Rijnmond, Omroep West and RTV Utrecht. With XroadMedia, Regiogroei can personalize every touchpoint for all broadcasters, which includes push notifications and newsletters. By taking advantage of Ncanto’s user profiles, notifications can become 100% personalized, including articles or content that each user will enjoy, encouraging them to return to the broadcasters’ platforms more often.

Christjan Knijff, General Manager, Regiogroei – “Regional news and content are receiving more and more attention. The regional broadcasters are ready for the next step to captivate and grow their audience. We firmly believe that XroadMedia’s real-time personalization solutions are an integral part of the success of the future.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Regiogroei and their partners. User experience has to be at the forefront of everything, and regional news and local content are already close to the consumer; by highlighting and surfacing personally relevant content, we’re creating an easier, more engaging journey for consumers. We’re looking forward to expanding our project with Regiogroei to help grow their audience base throughout the Netherlands.” adds Adolf Proidl, Co-Founder and CEO, XroadMedia.

The new solution will go live in May 2023, with more features and functionalities added in the following months.

About Regiogroei

The Regional Broadcasters in the Netherlands are joining forces to jointly achieve a more versatile regional news and information service. Optimally tailored to the needs of consumers and with the use of the right media, both online, offline and on air.

Why this initiative? Because the media behavior of consumers is changing and there are new technical possibilities to reach consumers. In addition, the media landscape is showing a shift from local to global. To keep in touch with their audience, the Regional Broadcasters must focus on relevant and high-quality regional content and make it accessible through the media channels that regional consumers use now and in the future.

Against this background, Regional Growth was created: an independent Joint Regional Online Expertise & Innovation center to which a large number of Regional Broadcasters will be connected from 2020. It accommodates digital distribution as well as web and app developments. Regional Growth will develop from a start-up into an online innovation heart of the Regional Broadcasters. Learn more.

About XroadMedia

XroadMedia was founded in 2012 by leading industry experts in the areas of content discovery, navigation and targeted advertising. With 20 years of industry experience, Ncanto was developed, which is the latest generation of content discovery, personalization and targeting solutions. XroadMedia helps customers improve their KPIs using personalization, increasing user engagement, reducing subscriber churn and generating new revenues. Ncanto is an innovative AI back-end solution optimized for cloud and server-based deployment, which serves more than 200 million users for operators, streaming services and broadcasters worldwide, including A1 Telekom Austria Group, Claro, Starhub and Three.

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