Provide Local Experiences
Even on a Global Scale

Personalization for all your users… No matter where they are.
Deliver personalized experiences to any region, in any language or character sets.

Personalization in any language
Deliver personalization to all users

Without changing your platform or UI, we can provide completely local content to any audience you want.

Hyper-personalization to different segments

Define your audience however you like.  You can change it when suits you whether it’s zip codes, billing segments, countries, languages or something else.

Personalization in different languages

Ensure your platform has the rows in the right language for your audience, even if you serve customers who use different character sets.

Our single API has been developed to ingest and normalize as many data feeds as you want, so you can provide content to any segment you like, even from different catalogs, languages and character sets.

Personalization for 7 different regions

A1 Telekom Austria Group have users across 7 different regions and we deliver personalization across all platforms with our one API.

With one integration there are
many possibilities

With over 20 years of experience, our cloud-based solution brings your content and users together using personalization. 

Multi-Catalog Search and Aggregation

Bring together content seamlessly from multiple sources, apps and libraries.

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Personalize content by location, language, or any other business data. 

Advanced Search

Power your audience searches, so they can find what they want quicker.

Full-Page Personalization

With one single API, endless possibilities for relevant content suggestions. 

Personalized Notifications

Notify your users only for the best content for them.

Personal Scores

Every asset in your catalog gets a scoring for every individual based on their likes, hobbies, social profile, location and more.

Fastest Personalization

Your viewers will instantly see the content that they love. 

FAST Channels

We can auto-create multiple personal channels to cover different moods and interests. 

Sponsored Personal Favourites

Sell your advertisers the ability only to be associated with experiences your
users enjoy.

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"By integrating XroadMedia’s cloud based Ncanto solution, we are now able to offer a real-time, scalable, fully automated and comprehensive multi-content platform,

A1 Telekom Austria Group

Discover some of our other features

Intelligent Pages

Personalize whole pages with one single API

Predictive Scores and Notifications

Power your notifications with accurate content rating

Content-Aware Continue Watching

The smartest content-aware continue-watching experience

Churn Prevention

Add content intelligence to your churn prediction solution

Advanced Search

Multiple catalog and personalized search

Targeted Advertising

Get the first-party audience data your ad team are looking for